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Henosis Extrait De Perfume 50ml by Lingua Planta

€ 120.00

A powerful, smokey scent with the odor of a smoldering forest fire is slowly wrapped in the soothing energy of cedarwood and frankincense. The warming fumes of resinous materials and ambrette seeds are known to be calming on human beings, the vetiver and oakmoss help us to ground.



  • 50 ml
  • Top notes: smoke, birch tar
  • Heartnotes: cedarwood, vetiver, ambrette seeds
  • Basenotes: frankincense, benzoin, myrrh
  • Perfume by Lingua Planta
  • Handmade in The Netherlands


  • 1-3 days delivery within The Netherlands
  • 3-7 days delivery within Europe