There are several options in terms of our availability. What do all terms imply?

In stock; this piece can be purchased right away.
Sold out; the product is no longer available.
Made to order; the requested piece is out of stock at the moment. Through the made to order option you can still place your order. We'll start making your trophy as soon as we receive the order. This means that you have to wait a little longer for your piece, with a maximum of six weeks.

How come not all items are in stock at all times?

Our jewelry is made by hand and for the most part on request, which means that our stock is dynamic. This sometimes results in pieces momentarily being not directly available for purchase. For this we apologize because it implies a longer delivery time. Since we would still like to offer you the possibility to order the piece of your liking, we  added the ‘made to order’ option to our webshop. This means that soon as we’ve received your order, we start working on it. And of course we’ll let you know how long it will take us to deliver it to your door. So really, all it means is that we’re making an item just for you and it might take us a bit longer than usual.