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Parallel Circuit

Parallel Circuit

Parallel Circuit is a collection of jewelry, bags and knitwear breathing power as well as confidence and maturity. 

With names such as Helix, Volt and Vortex, referring to the components of an electric circuit, one can only assume the products provide energy to the carrier: a running start for each day and inner light for the dark. Delicate by day and a statement at nighttime. 
The Boyscouts take pride in the production process: All items are made by hand in The Netherlands. Even more than before, The Boyscouts chose durability by working with solid silver, leather and Dutch wool felt. 

Come and catch the flow

Photography: Floor Knaapen 
Hair & make-up: Aga Urbanowicz / 
Angelique Hoorn Management 
Model: Layla / De Boekers 
Clothing: Margreeth Olsthoorn