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Custom Design

Are you looking for something completely exclusive?
We offer a ‘Custom Design’ journey. This procedure is really special, very personal and just one of a kind experience. Maybe you have an old gold ring that you don’t wear, and you want to make it into something you wear. Or you are looking for an exclusive engagement ring? Then this might be something for you.

We work in 4 different stages. 

Stage 1: This is where your journey starts, we listen to your story, your wishes and the style you prefer. After this session you will receive a concept and mood-board for the design process.
Stage 2: We start the design process. The concept will be translated in design and materials. 
Stage 3: Production starts here, we start making your personal trophy. 
Stage 4: The last phase, hereby we present you the end result. And you will be holding your exclusive The Boyscouts design.

We’ve had the honer to design earrings, wedding - engagement rings and necklaces, they all were so special with their own story. 

Let’s design a lasting memory together.

Want to know more? Email us to ‘’.