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How it's made

With a dedicated team, we create our jewelry in our Rotterdam based atelier. Our trophies are minimal and timeless, our designs are unique and one of a kind. We only manufacture and sell our own creations in limited amount. Aside for keeping a small stock of our bestsellers, we prefer to work ‘made to order’: this way we create exactly what you ask for, shaped in the exact sizing, especially for you. 

We choose to work only with pure and precious recycled sterling silver and 14kt gold. Our suppliers for gold and silver work with fair mining and recycling certificates. We work with laboratorium grown diamonds over real (conflict) diamonds. This way we provide you with the most reliable product we can make for you. 

Why not other metals
Our experience shows that materials such as brass and copper often have an allergic reaction to the skin. Production with brass and copper is cheaper, but the replacement effect is all the greater. We do not want to participate in fast fashion and the current disposable lifestyle: our trophies are for you to cherish and to wear anytime. Forever.

Our designs
Zelda Beauchampet has been building jewelry brand The Boyscouts, since 2011. As a product designer she has a different approach to jewelry, her designs are conceptual and add a subtle but bold statement to someone's appearance. When wearing The Boyscouts jewelry you will certainly get a comment about it from strangers. Our designs are a perfect translation of a gift for love. Beside our collections we offer little adjustments to current designs or exclusive design option with a 1 on 1 with Zelda. With love and craftsmanship, we translate your moment into a visible remembrance.