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Trade your Treasure

Our trophies stay with you over time but every once in a while, you outgrow an item. With ‘Trade your Treasure’ we offer you the chance to return the trophy you have outgrown and purchase one that fits your current identity better. Upcycle with us!

How does it work? You exchange your treasure for store credit with us.

What do I get in return?
- You get to spend your budget on The Boyscouts items
- You get a personal giftcard with the amount on it
- You get to spend this amount within two months after returning the items to us

How do I spend my budget?
- Your giftcard is not valid in combination with other discounts or Trophy Care.

How does it work?
1. You come by our store or send us a photo of the trophy you’d like to return to us.
2. We check the state the item is and determine its value.
3. If you agree with us, you receive a personal giftcard with your credit.
4. You choose the trophy that does you justice and go on living.
We uncluttered our stock and are big on quality instead of quantity. We encourage you to do the same.

Terms & conditions

Be aware of the following terms and conditions:
- You can only spend your credit with us, not at our retailers.
- Feel free to send us inquiries through
- We take back The Boyscouts items only. 
- We offer no guarantee on vintage The Boyscouts items since they have already been worn for a while. We do however treat them when they come in to the best of our ability to make sure they last a lifetime.

The logistics

Come by our store
In exchange for the items you return, we indicate your shop credit and give you your personal giftcard.

Ship it back to us
- Send us an email with a photo of your item
- We determine the worth of your item. You take or leave our offer
- You ship your item to us. Shipping fees are your expense
- After we’ve received the item, you receive the giftcard