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Women's Day


We celebrate International Women's Day with our hand-picked favorites from our staff. 

Since the start of The Boyscouts, we are a Women's only business. We believe in the power of independence, the strength, and the skills of women. After 10 years this hasn't changed and we feel even more than ever that we need to celebrate. Independency and being free to make your own choices in life is unfortunately not something that comes as a women's natural right. Therefore we need to stand up and work for a greater future together! 

We see a lot of women celebrating their reached goals with a new piece of jewelry. Giving them power and acknowledgment on a daily basis. For this reason, we handpicked our favorites with a little gift from us to you. Look into our selection and maybe there is something you had your eyes on for a longer time to celebrate your small or big achievement. Because with every achievement you are building towards your own independence.
Valid until March 14th.