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You're planning on giving you're love, best friend, hubbie, a custom-made trophy. In a few steps we simplify things for you. Basically you have a couple of choices to make. You enter your choices in the 'Note' at checkout or by email:

1. Select a piece of jewelry

You can add a personal message on a ring, on a necklace or bracelet.
Select the piece of jewelry you would like and add 'engraving' to your purchase.
When you need advise we are here to help you to make the right choice.

2. What's the caption

You can think of names or the date you fell in love. But you could also think of a sentence that captures you two. In case of a best friend for example, you could think of something like 'to the moon and back', in case of your love you could aim for a short statement such as 'You’re my finest'.  

3. Choose the type or style

Would you like your message to be written in a modern type or handwritten?
We can scan your child's drawing or you can send a personal written message to us. We will take care of it and show you the design before we will continue. 
Take in mind that it's a very small detail, so keep it simple! 


Be aware: this item is custom-made for you and therefore you can't exchange it or get a refund.