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Show Some Skin

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Show Some Skin

Spring’s coming and although we can’t wear our tees just yet, we CAN wear jewelry on skin. Here you find a few ways to combine and wear items when the sun is there but not yet blazing. ‘Cause in the end, we all love to show some skin.

When you’re still too cold with a bare neck, go for fresh combinations in your ear. Or wear a necklace on a thin cotton sweater. - Earring Score & Necklace Hit



Have you ever thought about an ankle bracelet for example?Bracelet Orb Ankle

Role up those sleeves. Or: A silk blouse, a necklace and some curls are all you need. - Necklace Pitch & Ring Sprint


Or go for rings for the time being. Wait it out until summer. - Ring Score & Ring Garner Drop  & Ring Sprint