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Pearls pearls pearls

Pearls pearls pearls

We are introducing PEARLS! And we’re kicking off with two earrings: the Frontier and Rivet. Classy yet modern items. We are continually researching more possibilities with pearls and are open to ideas. Get in touch with us about your wishlist!

For now, have fun exploring if our pearls are a match with your aesthetic. 

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Exclusive: The Boyscouts x I AM EELCO

Exclusive: The Boyscouts x I AM EELCO

I AM EELCO, also known as Eelco van den Berg, is a painter, muralist and illustrator. He is based in Rotterdam and in New York. He creates psychedelic landscapes with a distinct color palette that he developed on the streets. His work is mostly hand-drawn in a surrealistic pop art style. Eelco is not just living the dream but painting it as well. In 2015 he was honored to be named one of New York’s top 10 street artists. His bold award-winning graphic works and paintings have been commissioned by numerous major brands and galleries.

We met in Rotterdam and casually talked about a collaboration. His iconic animal series were the starting point for the totem that he designed for us. Totems symbolise families and as far as we're concerned, families come in all shapes and sizes. So, o
n this day of love, we proudly present the exclusive result. 14 bracelets, 14 necklaces, uniquely signed and numbered by Eelco. 

The Boyscouts x I AM EELCO

This exclusive edition consists of a Totem necklace and bracelet. Prices vary from €165 to €175. Both the necklace and the bracelet are produced in 14 exclusive pieces that are signed and numbered by Eelco. Each item is unique, just like you and yours.

Be aware: Since each item is custom-made it takes us up to three weeks to deliver the trophies. We recommend you’re quick to order since this is a 2 x 14 pieces edition.

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It's a new world | End of an era sale

It's a new world | End of an era sale

Dear friends,

We’ve been here for a while now. Our minimal approach to our product and our love for the planet, you are familiar with. This is why we chose to produce locally with sustainable materials. Going with the tide of the current fashion climate however, is no longer attainable. This is also why we have decided to approach the brand even more radically from a durability standpoint.

This implies that we won’t comply to the rhythm of fashion as you know it. We’ve been fighting the tendency of having to create new designs two times a year for a while now and we feel that it doesn’t match with our views or designs for that matter. We want to create a lasting product, on demand, with the exclusivity you deserve.

It’s the end of an era. In a good way.

What can you expect of us?

We present three consistent worlds: the Classics, Essentials and Particles. These worlds are our core. And yes, Particles is a new world.  One that is entirely inspired by you. It’s an earring-only collection that enables you to make an endless amount of combinations, like we’ve seen you love to do. You can emerge in this new world at the end of January ‘19.

In the meantime, we will have an end of an era sale to give you one last opportunity to purchase the items that we’re saying goodbye to. Starts now, ends January 31st. Last chance, discounts up to 50%.

It’s a new day


We’d love to have you in it.

The Boyscouts

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Let’s combine minimal jewelry with vintage pieces

Let’s combine minimal jewelry with vintage pieces

You probably know us for our minimal designs. And our love for them hasn’t diminished. Yet, we are branching out with hand-selected vintage items. The good news is that the 7 pre-selected rings are also part of our rings discount.

Wait what? Vintage jewelry?

Yes, that's right. We are scouting vintage items, the pieces unique and solid gold. We will be launching our full vintage collection in January of next year. Just in time for all things Valentine. But we don’t want to leave you hanging of course. And that’s why we offer a pre-selected 7 rings that are already for sale. You can send us an email for prices and sizing through

Prices range from €180 to € 360. 


Up to a 30% discount on rings: how does it work?

During December 2018 we offer a 20% discount when you buy 2 rings and a 30% discount on 3 rings or more.  And yes the discount is also applicable for the 7 pre-selected vintage rings. Our gift to you.

2 rings, -20%: use discount code Rings20 at check-out

3 or more rings, -30%: use discount code Rings30  at check-out


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The Rock, Paper, Scissors game is about control and luck. The one certainty is the zero-sum result simply because rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock.

The competition between the different elements is what unifies The Boyscouts’ Autumn/Winter ’18 collection. Rocky roads mixed with cut edges and plain surfaces, referring to rock, paper and scissors in a literal sense. Organic shapes find its way into our signature. And even though the elements compete, the result are winners only.

Photography: Sharon D. Jane
MUAH: Peter @ House of Orange
Models: Chandra Verhoeckx @ Elvis Models
Clothing: Wendela van Dijk & Nen Xavier

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The Boyscouts' designer Zelda about her collaboration with Ceizer

The Boyscouts' designer Zelda about her collaboration with Ceizer

We sat down with our 'Chief', designer and owner of The Boyscouts Zelda Beauchampet, to talk about her latest collaboration with Ceizer. Together they came up with the Limited Edition The Boyscouts x Ceizer collection, which will launch this Friday the 15th of June, online & in-store. Zelda: "It can be really well behaved, for example ‘OUI, PERFECT and PEACE’, or more daring: ‘SEX, YOU&ME and LOVE’. Up to you to play with..."

How did the collaboration between you and Ceizer come about?

"I was really moved by Ceizer’s work after I discovered his art. I got inspired and excited about everything I saw that I immediately started to think about a possible collab. And so it began…"

What attracts you to his work?

"I really like his choice of words and how he manages to turn them into iconic, playful images."

How does it complement the collection?

"Ceizer’s artwork is a perfect addition to our jewelry, especially because our latest collection FOLD / UNFOLD is blank, sleek and minimal. It’s really fun when you both create a whole new design which you couldn’t think of by yourself."

How was the design process?

"When I spoke to Ceizer in Paris, I already had a bigger picture in my mind. Ceizer liked my ideas and started to think of which designs he would like to use. He gave us so many options and stories that we both agreed on making three necklaces with not one but two engravements. One on the front and one on the back."

What is the collection all about?

"This limited edition revolves around the theme of love at first sight. Each artwork/necklace tells its own little story. With the necklaces you’re able to create your story by wearing them together or separately. It can be really well behaved, for example ‘OUI, PERFECT and PEACE’, or more daring: ‘SEX, YOU&ME and LOVE’. But there are more twists to it. LOVE can also be EVOL ;-)."

Which necklace is your favorite?

"First, I liked the OUI/SEX piece the most. But now the EVOL/PEACE design is my fave. It’s such an iconic work by Ceizer, which makes it a statement piece for me."

You’ve collaborated with other creatives like LOUIS REITH. What makes it so interesting to collaborate with other artists?

"I personally love to collaborate with other disciplines. We make jewelry, but it’s cool when someone else looks at our work from a whole different perspective. This way I try to give our products a new dimension. It also energizes and inspires me for new projects and collections."

Speaking of new projects, what else can we expect in the near future?

"Next to our upcoming AW18 collection, I can’t give any details yet. But there are definitely cool things going on… keep an eye out!"


Explore the The Boyscouts x Ceizer Limited Collection over here, including some fresh Ceizer merchandise. 

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The Boyscouts teams up with Ceizer for Limited Edition Collection

The Boyscouts teams up with Ceizer for Limited Edition Collection

 The Boyscouts created a mini collection around love at first sight in collaboration with typographical artist Ceizer. This limited collection of three necklaces will be launched on June 15th 11 AM (CEST) in selected stores and online.

The Boyscouts and Ceizer met in Paris and their spark unraveled quickly. The outcome is a crossover between The Boyscouts jewelry and Ceizer's graphic artwork, where timelessness is combined with the spirit of now. The result is three unique necklaces stamped front and back. Every design has a strong message. You can wear each necklace separately or together, just mix and match to create your own story.

Every The Boyscouts x Ceizer trophy is produced in a limited edition of a hundred of each design and is available in sterling silver and 18kt gold plated silver.

Together with Groos, POP boutique, DIV damesboudoir, Silver&Stone, À Rebours Paris and Lockwood - Avenue, this special edition will be launched in stores and via our website

About Ceizer

Pieter Ceizer is a typographical artist and designer living and working in Paris, France. Ceizer's choice of words, phrases and subject matter are empowering, humoristic and poetic. Next, to his independent art and clothing brand, Ceizer worked in collaboration with several brands among which Nike, adidas, Levi's and Colette. Find Ceizer's work:

Launch party

On FridayJune 15th we invite you to join us for drinks by Pinky Rose and Bobby's Gin in our flagship store in Rotterdam. No RSVP needed, just be there and get yours. 

Friday, June 15th
Diergaardesingel 60a
3014 AD Rotterdam

See you there! 


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Last days of the Hunt | How to wear

Last days of the Hunt | How to wear

If you are familiar with our Treasure Hunt, you know that the trophies that are a part of the hunt come at a friendly discount. Normally the discount is 15%, but for a short period of time we have upped the discount to 25%. This lasts until March 12th. 

Two reasons why you need to be quick:
1. March 12th the discount goes back to 15% instead of 25%.
2. Some items are making a guest appearance and will be eliminated from the Treasure Hunt when everything goes back to normal. 

We understand you might be browsing and debating what to choose. Maybe you’re figuring out what to mix and match. We want to help. So here’s a tour of the items, the possible combinations and a few unique items that’ll are only making a flash appearance in this collection.


Earring Volt Wire Hexagon gold - Earring Sprint Pin Matt Gold - Earring Phase S Rose 

Earring Pack matt gold 

Ring Garner Round silver - Ring Convex rose

Earring Phase L silver - Earring Phase S rose - Earring Phase S silver

Ring Trail matt gold - Ring Rivet silver - Ring Shield rose - Ring Vortex gold 

Earring Rivet Pin gold - Earring Frontier S rose 

Ring Shield rose - Ring Garner Round silver - Ring Arise silver 

Earring Sprint silver - Earring Frontier L 

Ring Trove Matt gold - Ring Sprint gold 

Bracelet Hexagon Rose - Ring Rivet silver - Ring shield rose - Ring Arise rose 

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SS18 Fold/Unfold Lookbook

SS18 Fold/Unfold Lookbook

With Fold / Unfold (SS18) The Boyscouts explores the edge of the track and the open space where there is room for impact. Here are no interruptions unless you create them yourself. Polished surfaces and rough edges are united in this collection of trophies. With the possibility of imprint luring, a longing for traces begins.


Photography: Sharon Jane
MUAH: Peter @ House of Orange
Model: Ovo @ Max Models
Clothing: Wendela van Dijk & Nen Xavier

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