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It's a new world | End of an era sale

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It's a new world | End of an era sale

Dear friends,

We’ve been here for a while now. Our minimal approach to our product and our love for the planet, you are familiar with. This is why we chose to produce locally with sustainable materials. Going with the tide of the current fashion climate however, is no longer attainable. This is also why we have decided to approach the brand even more radically from a durability standpoint.

This implies that we won’t comply to the rhythm of fashion as you know it. We’ve been fighting the tendency of having to create new designs two times a year for a while now and we feel that it doesn’t match with our views or designs for that matter. We want to create a lasting product, on demand, with the exclusivity you deserve.

It’s the end of an era. In a good way.

What can you expect of us?

We present three consistent worlds: the Classics, Essentials and Particles. These worlds are our core. And yes, Particles is a new world.  One that is entirely inspired by you. It’s an earring-only collection that enables you to make an endless amount of combinations, like we’ve seen you love to do. You can emerge in this new world at the end of January ‘19.

In the meantime, we will have an end of an era sale to give you one last opportunity to purchase the items that we’re saying goodbye to. Starts now, ends January 31st. Last chance, discounts up to 50%.

It’s a new day


We’d love to have you in it.

The Boyscouts