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Exclusive: The Boyscouts x I AM EELCO

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Exclusive: The Boyscouts x I AM EELCO

I AM EELCO, also known as Eelco van den Berg, is a painter, muralist and illustrator. He is based in Rotterdam and in New York. He creates psychedelic landscapes with a distinct color palette that he developed on the streets. His work is mostly hand-drawn in a surrealistic pop art style. Eelco is not just living the dream but painting it as well. In 2015 he was honored to be named one of New York’s top 10 street artists. His bold award-winning graphic works and paintings have been commissioned by numerous major brands and galleries.

We met in Rotterdam and casually talked about a collaboration. His iconic animal series were the starting point for the totem that he designed for us. Totems symbolise families and as far as we're concerned, families come in all shapes and sizes. So, o
n this day of love, we proudly present the exclusive result. 14 bracelets, 14 necklaces, uniquely signed and numbered by Eelco. 

The Boyscouts x I AM EELCO

This exclusive edition consists of a Totem necklace and bracelet. Prices vary from €165 to €175. Both the necklace and the bracelet are produced in 14 exclusive pieces that are signed and numbered by Eelco. Each item is unique, just like you and yours.

Be aware: Since each item is custom-made it takes us up to three weeks to deliver the trophies. We recommend you’re quick to order since this is a 2 x 14 pieces edition.