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Interview – The Boyscouts X Louis Reith

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Interview – The Boyscouts X Louis Reith

For Harvest Moon The Boyscouts collaborated with artist Louis Reith. The result is a blanket that can be worn as a shawl or enjoyed as a blanket. Louis is based in Amsterdam and a cheerful fellow. He is a graphic designer gone autonomous artist. His love for books never went away and resulted in his own publishing house. Of course, this is a side project. We speak of his work, his style and his ambitions.


Who are you?

‘I’m Louis Reith, graphic designer originally but I have grown to be an autonomous artist. I create to exhibit.’  


Signature style

‘My style comes from a desire to not just sit behind a computer all day. I figured why not make graphic shapes manually? Instead of communicating directly with typography I started creating an abstract alphabet with which I could stack letters to become words, like typographic sculptures.  How this style came into being? I adore books and at some point I started drawing on the pages of a biology book, preferably on the yellowed ones. I love to work with theme’s derived from nature, be it on the page or in my drawing. It strengthens the contrast between what’s analogue and what’s digital. This eventually led me to make potting soil paintings. Those paintings in particular appealed to The Boyscouts and were the start of our collaboration.’



‘Zelda invited me to create the artwork for the blanket that’s part of the Harvest Moon collection. Creating a scarf was high on my wishlist, mostly because I love wearing them. The process was fast but sweet. We spoke of what parts of my work appealed to The Boyscouts and I started experimenting with those ingredients. I started sketching with the words “boy scout” and it fit perfectly. First I put trees in the background but the detail of that didn’t work. Eventually I created a form of pixel-noise that has the effect of an abstract pixel- sky.’


Future plans

‘What appeals to people in my work is the esthetic that I have developed. I’d love to take that to the next level. Working with soil has an interesting effect that I could take much further. I’d like to start working with color, with grass or pigments. I’m starting to find a connection with nature. I want to translate what’s outside to the inside. Maybe in the shape of installations, create soil carpets for example but first I’d have to find the space to do so.’


Harvest Moon

The Boyscouts celebrates the harvest season. After having carefully sown in spring, looking after and caring for what you planted, it is time to gather the merit. Flourishing demands a celebration. The pieces symbolize the reward that comes after the effort. We devoted ourselves to creating a collection of bold pieces that highlight your achievement.