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Titia Hahne x The Boyscouts

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Titia Hahne x The Boyscouts

Titia Hahne was born in Amsterdam and has been a freelance photographer for eleven years. After she graduated in 2005 she immersed in the music scene. She worked for OOR magazine en joined several bands on tour. When she moved to Rotterdam, her subjects changed. Instead of bands and lead singers, brands and organizations made their way in front of her lens. What stayed the same is that she portrays. And so it happened that we asked her to portray the faces of The Boyscouts. “I enjoy working with brands I admire.”

About her style
"I think that what I do is minimalistic and honest. I try to create as little distraction as possible in the images I take. The person is in focus, there’s no room for clutter. By getting to know someone and experiment I get the result I look for. In this profession it works to have empathy for whomever you're working with. I don’t like posed portraits, I like to photograph people as genuinely as I can. I think this is why people often recognize themselves in my work."

Titia Hahne x The Boyscouts
"I have known the brand for about four years. That we both love a certain cleanness and graphic imagery, connects us. I admire the strong and timeless feel of the brand. Because of our similar sense of aesthetics I immediately knew what kind of portraits I wanted to create. All pictures were taken in the surroundings of Rotterdam, I 'played'  with the different faces of The Boyscouts and looked for several backgrounds to create an interesting contrast. One of the perks of photoshoots in the city, or anywhere outside for that matter, is that you have to work with outdoor conditions. We definitely worked with the wind."

(Curious about the result of the series? Visit our Instagram & Facebook page.) 

Travel and inspirations
"Iceland I could revisit a hundred times. The plains that stretch far and wide are an amazing sight. In my opinion travelling allows you to be surprised by a different light, different landscapes, architecture and people. Travelling is an important source of inspiration to my work. Through fresh input, I get inspired."

What do you hope to convey through your work?
"I strive that people see their personality in the portraits I took of them, that they catch their appearance in a graphic shot. A shot that's pure and simplistic, with a strong composition. I stay true to my own style and ideas. But it’s when my style merges with people's own image of themselves, the result is most valuable to me."

If you could take a photo of anybody…
"In every person there is something interesting to discover. That's what motivates me in my work, I long to capture what I discover in a photo."